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I just want to be slightly drunk, half naked, and completely on top of someone.

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"anal doesn’t count"

- The Bible (via princessbrat7)

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bottoms up // trey songz feat. nicki minaj

rest in peace to anna nicole smith
yes, my dear, you’re so explosive
say hi to mary, mary and joseph
now bottoms up and double my dosage

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best look: big t-shirt no bra slutty underwear and ponytail

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"I’m still here

And I still love you.”

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"Wait for someone who tells strangers about you."

- Vodka thoughts #1 (via blossomfully)

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"And God said “Love Your Enemy,” and I obeyed him and loved myself."

- خليل جبران ‎ Khalil Gibran (via clairant)  (via lephreaux)

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